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Alexander Abdelilah

Alexander Abdelilah is a journalist based in the East of France. 

Alexander Herford

Alexander Herford (alias) is journalist and worked for diverse news media.

Alexandra Heal

Alexandra Heal is an investigative reporter based in the UK. 

Alexandre Brutelle

Alexandre Brutelle is a foreign reporter and freelance investigative journalist.

Alexandre Kossoko

Alexandre Kossoko is a cartoonist working for the largest Beninese private daily newspaper Le Matin.

Alexia Eychenne

Alexia Eychenne is a journalist based in Paris. 

Aleydis Nissen

Aleydis Nissen is a postdoc researcher at Leiden Law School

Ali Al Ibrahim

Ali Al Ibrahim is an investigative journalist, researcher and university lecturer based in Sweden.

Alice Taylor

Alice Taylor is a British freelance investigative journalist and writer since 2016.

Alicia Prager

Alicia Prager is a freelance journalist with a focus on environmental and climate stories.

Alona Savchuk

Alona Savchuk is a Ukrainian journalist. 

Alpha Kamara

Alpha Kamara is a Sierra Leonean born human rights and multimedia journalist and blogger.

Amanda Cox

Amanda Cox is an American journalist and head of special data projects at USAFacts.

Ambra Montanari

Ambra Montana is a freelance journalist based in Berlin.

Aminata Demba

Aminata Demba (°1987, Antwerpen) obtained a Master's degree in Cultural Management at the University of Antwerp.

Amjata Bayoh

Amjata Bayoh is a citizen journalist, based in Freetown Sierra Leone. 

An van Dienderen

After completing a master in the audivisual arts (Documentaire Hogeshool Sint-Lukas, Brussel), An van Dienderen stayed at the University of California Berkeley as a visiting scholar. In 2004 she completed her PhD in Comparative Cultural Sciences at Ghent University.

An-Katrien Lecluyse

An-Katrien Lecluyse (b. 1980) studied Indology (Ghent University) and is a freelance journalist.

Ana Isabel Carvalho

Ana Isabel Carvalho is designer and front-end developer at Journalism++

Ana Poenariu

Ana Poenariu is a Romanian journalist, based in Bucharest.

Ana Tudela

Ana Tudela is co-founder of DATADISTA. Investigative economic journalist specialized in new narrative.

Ananthan Suresh

Ananthan Suresh is a heritage practitioner and illustrator working at the Kochi Biennale Foundation.

Anders Pedersen

Anders Pedersen is a Danish former journalist. He lives and works now in Washington DC.

Andiswa Matikinca

Andiswa Matikinca is an award-winning environmental journalist with a passion for writing, storytelling, and broadcasting. 


Andre Vieira

Andre is Brazilian visual storyteller and journalist currently based in Portugal.

Andrea Nelson Mauro

Andrea Nelson Mauro is an Italian journalist based in Bologna.

Andrei Mocanca

Andrei Mocanca (Romania) is a web developer specialized in frontend applications and data visualization. Andrei is based in France.


Andrés Aguayo

Andrés Aguayo is a Mexican-Italian journalist based in Madrid.

Andrew Rettman

Andrew Rettman is a Brussels-based reporter for EUobserver covering foreign policy and security affairs. 

Andrew Wasley

Andrew Wasley is an award-winning investigative journalist specialising in food & environment issues from the UK.