Tomáš Madleňák has been a reporter for the Investigative Center of Ján Kuciak since 2020.

He covered Ján Kuciak murder trials, worked on the Kočner's Library project, and was part of the 2020 Journalism Award-winning team of investigative reporters for the series on financial schemes, shell companies, and hidden properties of the oligarch Norbert Bödör. Nowadays he focuses on international crime, money laundering, and corruption cases in an attempt to continue the legacy of the murdered Slovak journalist Ján Kuciak.

Basic information

Tomáš Madleňák
Investigative Reporter
International organised crime, money laundering, corruption

Supported projects

Frog Smugglers in Slovakia: The Illegal Trade With Endangered Animals Worth Millions

  • Environment
  • Finance
  • Trafficking

BRATISLAVA - A couple from Slovakia imported hundreds of frogs from Central America to the EU, completely legally. However, the woman was later apprehended in Germany, where police seized over 100 frogs from her. Some of them of the kind which was never in history imported to Europe legally. Turns out, her husband is a well known person for conservationists in Panama, and for all the wrong reasons.