Saska Cvetkovska is an investigative journalist based in Skopje, Macedonia.

She is the founder and president of the Investigative Reporting Lab in Macedonia and a member of the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.

Cvetkovska has worked on a number of national and cross-border investigations that have uncovered domestic and international crime, corruption, illicit arms trafficking and disinformation wars. The stories she has worked on has been published in The Guardian, Buzzfeed, Süddeutsche Zeitung and others. Her current responsibilities are focused on increasing the impact of investigative reporting by creating new narratives of stories through film and campaigns. In that direction, she currently holds the position of producer of the Investigative documentary series Newsroom.

Saska had also worked on topics such as propaganda and misinformation and their connections with corruption as a new tools used to threaten democracies. Many of the stories that Cvetkovska broke were delivered while she and her team were under constant threats, attacks and long term surveillance and years long wiretapped communications by the government. 


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Basic information

Saska Cvetkovska
Data Journalism, corruption, illicit trade of arms, espionage
North Macedonia

Supported projects

Vardar/Axios: A River in Distress

  • Environment

SKOPJE / THESSALONIKI -  Investigative teams from IRL in North Macedonia and Inside Story in Greece secured and analyzed thousand of pages of documents, interviewed tens of stakeholders and authorities and surveyed the Axios/Vardar basin and its facilities in order to identify the environmental pressures on the river and expose the reasons behind them.  

fishermen huts in the estuary near Chalastra in Greece

How Viktor Orbán is exporting his illiberalism

  • Corruption
  • Economy

BUDAPEST - In our project, we’ve discovered how businessmen related to the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán were buying up media outlets in Slovenia. 

Hungarian PM, Viktor Orbán is supporting the leader of the Slovenian far-right, Janez Janša. Orbán offers the help of his allies and hundreds of million forints from the Hungarian taxpayers.