Sarah Haaij is a freelance journalist who specializes in stories on human/women’s rights, migration and the sweet and sour of globalization.

Based in Amsterdam, she works for both national and international outlets across the world. Her focus is on story-driven research projects and in-depth interviews; she is also involved in various podcast and documentary film productions.  She has been awarded the Global Media Competition on Labour Migration (2019) and the European Young Journalist Award (2010), among others.

Sarah Haaij

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Sarah Haaij
human/women’s rights, migration and the sweet and sour of globalization

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Brooms, brushes and a call for justice

  • Human Rights
  • Migration
  • Trafficking

AMSTERDAM - There is an invisible workforce keeping homes in the Netherlands spotless. Filipino cleaners run about Dutch cities each day, their packs filled with dozens of jingling keys. They are part of a community of thousands of undocumented migrants who clean homes in the Netherlands. They're indispensable but kept unseen.

How generous is the EU: development aid only for the rich?

  • Finance
  • Politics

When you think of development aid, you think of poor countries. But the biggest receiver of EU development aid happens to be the 18th biggest economy of the world: Turkey. In 2013, Turkey received 2.4 billion Euros...