Rüdiger Rossig, is an editor with Deutsche Welle's programs for Europe.

Rüdiger began his journalistic career in 1987 as a local reporter. He studied Balkanology and sociology in Berlin. In 1993, he became editor for the war in former Yugoslavia for the daily newspaper taz.

From 1995 to 1998, the journalist and Southeast Europe specialist was a staff member of the UN and the OSCE in the Former Yugoslavia, then opinion editor of the taz and senior editor of the English-language monthly newspapers The Atlantic Times and The German Times.

Rüdiger Rossig

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Rüdiger Rossig
Journalist & Balkanologe
The Balkans

Supported projects

Five Countries' Implementation of EU Citizen Energy Directives

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EU — It is now four years since the EU's Clean Energy for All Europeans package had been adopted. How much progress has been made since then on the national levels? This project looks at Croatia, Germany, Poland, Greece, and Bulgaria.

Clean Energy in South East Europe

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SKOPJE - Sunny North Macedonia falls short of solar thermal expectations. Using solar thermal technology to convert sunlight into heat should be a no-brainer in North Macedonia. After all, it’s one of the world’s sunniest countries. But meager subsidies and insufficient regulation have stymied projects, despite the economic benefits that experts concur are there for the impoverished country.