He is the co-founder of Documentary Photography Centre in Bucharest, which aims to produce, stimulate and group together the best projects on Romanian documentary photography. 

He is represented by Panos Pictures and usually works on long-term projects. His works have been exhibited in many countries, published in book format, and won several international awards. 

His photo-journalism has been published in platforms such as Sunday Times Magazine, Business Week, The New Statesman, 6 Mois, New York Times, As Magazine, Esquire. 

Basic information

Petrut Calinescu
Documentary photographer

Supported projects

The Toxic Valley

  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Industry
  • Work

DILOVASI - The Toxic Valley project looks into the environmental consequences of industrialisation in Turkey, and reveals a pattern of chemical dumping and polluting that has led to a widespread health crisis in the Kocaeli region, the most heavily industrialised area of the country.