Paolo Riva is a freelance journalist based between Brussels and Milan, specialized in social issues and European affairs.

His work has appeared in Corriere della sera, BBC World Service, IRPI Media, Open Migration, Il Post,  and The Big Issue Zambia. He currently works on A Brave New Europe - Next Generation with Slow News and Secondo Welfare.

Paolo Riva

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Paolo Riva
social issues and European affairs

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Organic put to the test

  • Agriculture
  • Industry

ROME/BUCHAREST - With the EU set to boost organic farmland, how can it maintain consumer confidence in an agricultural sector tainted by fraud? 

The Grainkeepers

  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Politics

WORLD - Cereal is the new petroleum, farmland the new reservoirs of oil, and ships loaded with grain are the new pipelines. As the value of crops increases, every country in possession of this resource is in a position of power, and its transport to market is a politically-charged operation.