Orhan Şener is a journalist based in Istanbul. 

Orhan Şener is the Director of the Journalism Academy of the Journalists’ Union of Turkey (TGS) since 2019 as a part of a four-year project supported by the E.U. He is responsible for all the activities of the Academy including planning seminars, workshops, trainings, lectures, round tables, etc. He also gives lectures at the Academy himself. Although the Academy has a 400m2 building, the events take place online since the pandemic and have a wide reach among journalists, journalism students, NGOs, and academics all around Turkey. In addition to his role in TGS Academy, Şener is also a lecturer and an editor.

Orhan Şener

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Orhan Şener
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Istanbul to Illegality: Visa-Free Serbia a Hub for EU-Bound Turks

  • Migration

ISTANBUL/BELGRADE - This investigation uncovers that young Turkish citizens are increasingly using the Balkan route as a transit point to enter the EU illegally. The growing trend is due to crumbling purchasing power, high unemployment, and tense political environment in the country.