Niall Sargent is an award-winning multimedia investigative reporter with Noteworthy, a community-led investigative journalism platform with The Journal, where he is focused on issues related to climate change, biodiversity, and ecosystem services.

Niall has developed a speciality in reporting on the intersection between business and the environment to fill a niche in the Irish media landscape. This includes in-depth examinations of the growing carbon footprint of Ireland’s largest industries, the impact of commercial forestry on endangered species, and the negative role that large-scale salmon farming has on the marine world.

He has also examined wider social issues in the agricultural world, including poor working conditions in the Irish mushroom industry and has investigated the climate impacts of agricultural policy and subsidies pushing Irish farmers into a more intensive production model.

He holds an MA in Investigative Journalism from City University London and a Diploma in Online Journalism from Goldsmiths University in London. Prior to his move into journalism, Niall was a Criminal Intelligence Analyst with INTERPOL on projects related to drug trafficking, the trafficking in organs and the illicit sale of pharmaceuticals.

Niall Sargent

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Niall Sargent
Investigative reporter
Climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem services

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