Marius Münstermann is a freelance journalist based in Germany.

His texts, photos, videos and multimedia web documentaries are published in German and international media. In Germany, he monitors far-right movements and right-wing violence. Internationally, he investigates large-scale agricultural investments, mining, illegal logging, industrialized fisheries and other forms of natural resource extraction which often go along with environmental destruction, social conflicts and violations of human rights.

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Marius Münstermann
Environmental destruction, social conflicts and violations of human rights

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Shot, concealed, contaminated

  • Environment
  • Healthcare

PRISTINA - Twenty years ago, tons of depleted uranium ammunition were dropped on Kosovo. What happened to the soldiers who were stationed there? Why is the weapon still in use, despite all warnings? 

The Waste Mafia. Tracing Illegal Waste Exports from Germany to Poland

  • Environment

LUBLIN, POLAND - The export of waste to Poland is booming. Among these exports, illegal shipments frequently occur. Companies from Germany, the UK, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden have illegally exported waste to Poland in recent years.