Marin Nikolov is a TV journalist, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Marin is an author of dozens of journalistic investigations with wide public reactions in Bulgaria. He started his career as a TV reporter at the “News and topical TV shows” for “Nova Television”, Sofia city. Currently Marin works as an investigative journalist of  “Nova Television”, author and TV presenter of journalistic investigations at the TV shows ‘’Investigation’’ and “The Subject of Nova”. 

In 2019 Marin was honoured as the best TV reporter by the Bulgarian foundation “Dimitar Tzonev”. In 2020 his journalistic investigation in the field of environmental protection got the prize from the “Foundation Biodiversity”. 

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Marin Nikolov

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How a French company violated Bulgarian regulations

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SOFIA - Excessive water cuts to its consumers, questionable management of tendering procedures, constant increase in water prices in the face of significant leaking of its outdated infrastructures. These features of a global water giant, repeatedly singled out by the press, are no longer a secret in France.