Margherita Bettoni is an investigative journalist specialising in organised crime, human right abuses and gender-related violence. She has been investigating Italian Mafia-organisations in Germany since 2014 and she has been working on cross-border investigations as a part of international teams.

She co-authored the books "Die Mafia in Deutschland. Kronzeugin Maria G. packt aus" about Italian Mafias in Germany, “Corona: Geschichte eines angekündigten Sterbens” about the Covid-19 pandemic and “Alle drei Tage” about femicides in Germany. Her investigations have featured in Spiegel magazine, in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, on and Margherita also works for the public German broadcaster MDR.

Basic information

Margherita Bettoni
Organised crime, human right abuses and gender-based violence

Supported projects

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