Marek Kowalczyk is a Polish photographer and camera operator.

He studied sociology and psychology. He publishes in Polish, Dutch and Belgian media. He is interested in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He tells the intimate stories of ordinary people. 

©Photo: Janusz Ratecki

Marek Kowalczyk

Basic information

Marek Kowalczyk
Photographer and Cameraman

Supported projects

Hydropower controversy in Georgia

  • Energy
  • Environment

TBILISI - The electricity generated by at least ninety-four hydropower plants covers 80% of Georgian demand. Still, the ruling party Georgian Dream is pushing for more investment.

How to build a life in a state in decline?

  • Armed conflict
  • Politics

BEIRUT - More and more Lebanese are leaving - they see no future in the country that is virtually bankrupt. The situation has deteriorated further: the Lebanese lira continues to depreciate; access to electricity and water is increasingly limited. Soon, even telephone and internet services may fall if the government does not provide the state-owned company with diesel for its generators.

Being LGBTQI+ in the Wartime

  • Armed conflict
  • Human Rights
  • Youth

LVIV - The Ukrainian LGBTQI + community has been trying to organize parades since 2012 - then the organizers of the event canceled them because they were afraid for their safety. Today they are fighting not only for their rights but also at the frontline.