Klara Škrinjar is a freelance journalist at Oštro, Center for investigative journalism in the Adriatic region

Klara has spent most of her hitherto career at the Delo daily as a journalist, commentator, and editor, where she focused on media politics, gender equality, political culture, the crisis of culture, and the emergence and development of populism in Slovenia and Europe.

She has attended training courses in the field of data and investigative journalism and co-authored several multimedia projects.

She is the co-creator of the Strašno Hudi (Totally Badass) podcast and a member of the teams that were awarded several prizes for the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers projects.


Basic information

Klara Škrinjar
Balkans, politics, migration, finance, economics

Supported projects

The bottleneck of the Balkan route

  • Human Rights
  • Justice
  • Migration

BIHAC - Western Bosnia and Herzegovina is a bottleneck for migrants and refugees who are fleeing across the Balkans. Many of them are caught en route to Northern or Western Europe on Slovenian territory, from where they are being systematically handed over to Croatian authorities in the last year. In Croatia, they are often exposed to police violence. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they finally end up, they are condemned to an interminable wait.

A migrant from Afghanistan in the camp Bira in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Human Cost of G4S' Watch

  • Security
  • Technology

LJUBLJANA - What is the cost of security companies, such as G4S? One way of calculating the harm is counting the dead and the injured.