Katherine is a British freelance investigative journalist

Her work focuses on misinformation, conspiracies and the growth of the Far Right. Her reporting is informed by both traditional journalistic methods and OSINT techniques, focusing on deep-dives into the murky waters of online communities. Her work is published in a number of UK outlets, including the Times, the Independent and VICE World News. 

Katherine Denkinson

Basic information

Katherine Denkinson
Investigative journalist
misinformation, conspiracies
United Kingdom

Supported projects

Mass Misinformation: The UK Catholic Charity Funding the Italian Far Right

ROME - An investigation for Byline Times by the Citizens and il Fatto Quotidiano can exclusively reveal how a Catholic charity is being run by a former National Front member who has promoted a number of conspiracy theories and fundraised for a far-right Italian politician who was arrested and imprisoned for his part in violence which erupted at anti-Green Pass protests in 2021.