John Vandaele is journalist with the Belgian magazine Mo*, and author of several books on globalisation.

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John Vandaele

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Can Congo save the world?

  • Culture
  • Agriculture
  • Environment

KINSHASA - Following on from the first part of the dossier on why and how Congo's forests became the world's first lung, John Vandaele explores whether the country can effectively be the 'solution country' it claims to want to be.

The forests of Congo

  • Environment

KINSHASA - Although the Amazon forest is significantly larger, the tropical forests in the Congo Basin, in the heart of Africa, are taking more CO2 out of the air today. This seems like good news, but these forests are also disappearing at a rapid pace.

Getting Rich in Poverty-stricken Congo

  • Corruption
  • Equality
  • Politics

KINSHASA - Congolese-Australian journalist Eric Mwamba went on a search to find the secret behind the riches of the Congolese elite. Many of his witnesses prefered staying anonymous for fear of their lives – which looks like a kind of Congolese omerta. John Vandaele selected Mwamba’s strongest observations and added some personal touches.