Harun Dinarević is a freelance journalist focussed on the energy transition, the environment and pollution in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

He is an editor at Naratorium, a webportal focussed on environmental reporting. Dinarević also writes social commentary for Prometej, was a fellow in BIRN’s program Resonant Voices in 2020, and previously worked for Oslobođenje. 

Harun Dinarević

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Harun Dinarević
Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Bosnia’s wood barons

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SARAJEVO - Around half of Bosnia-Herzegovina is covered by forests and wood is one of the Balkan country’s most valuable natural resources. But instead of developing the nation, some politicians and private companies enrich themselves with the profits of the ‘green gold’. Forests are cut down for private interests and governments and companies in Western-Europe close their eyes to gain cheap wood.