Hamdi Firat Buyuk is a Bosnian political analyst and journalist.

Hamdi Fırat Büyük is a journalist and political analyst focusing on the Balkans, Turkey-Balkan relations and Turkish foreign policy. Buyuk currently works as journalist at the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN's flagship publication Balkan Insight. Büyük is a regular contributor and commentator to national and international media outlets and he is the author of numerous academic articles, book chapters, analyses, op-eds and policy papers on his field of expertise. In addition to his Turkish mother tongue, he has advanced knowledge of English and intermediate knowledge of Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian. Buyuk received a M.Sc. degree in International Relations from the University of Essex, UK with his thesis entitled “Turkey’s soft power in the Balkans” in 2013.


Hamdi Firat Buyuk

Basic information

Hamdi Firat Buyuk
Political analyst and journalist
Balkan studies, Turkish Foreign Policy and Turkey-Balkan relations
Bosnia & Herzegovina

Supported projects

Istanbul to Illegality: Visa-Free Serbia a Hub for EU-Bound Turks

  • Migration

ISTANBUL/BELGRADE - This investigation uncovers that young Turkish citizens are increasingly using the Balkan route as a transit point to enter the EU illegally. The growing trend is due to crumbling purchasing power, high unemployment, and tense political environment in the country.