Florian Elabdi is an investigative feature journalist and documentarist with Danwatch at the time of writing. Since 2016 he has been investigation and reporting on conflicts and human rights from a wide array of countries like Iraq, Lebanon, Greece, Central African Republic and Surinam. With Danwatch he has among other things been investigating Danish fraud in South America.

Before being an investigative journalist, Florian Elabdi worked as a freelance journalist for five years in Europe, MENA and Africa. He has reported for a wide range of Danish and international media such as The Washington Post, Al Jazeera English, The Guardian, The Daily Beast, The New Humanitarian and others. He has written about anything from the war against ISIS in Iraq to Hizbollah's influence in the Syrian civil war. From Russia's push into Central Africa to climate change and tribal conflicts in Northern Kenya. And from refugee stories in Greece to the coronavirus' impact on Danish society. He is a Bachelor of Middle East Studies from the University of Copenhagen and a Master of Journalism from the University of Southern Denmark.

His feature story "Surviving in the ruins of Moria" for Al Jazeera English was nominated for a One World Media Award 2021 in the category "refugee reporting" and his short doc "Ghosts of Moria" for The Guardian premiered at Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival earlier this year.

Basic information

Florian Elabdi
Investigative reporter
Europe, MENA and Africa

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