Emerson Mendoza Ayala is a Spanish journalist specialising in Travel, Culture and Environment. 

His key focus areas are: cross-border investigations, multimedia storytelling, SDGs, World Heritage, social issues, democratisation, and photojournalism.

He holds a Double Degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication from the University of Seville, studied a bilingual semester abroad as an Erasmus Mundus student at the Universidad Austral de Buenos Aires, and is fluent in Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese. 

Since 2015, he has collaborated with various international outlets, including World Nomads, Worldpackers, and Awayn. In addition, he participated in the European Voluntary Service programme as a Press Coordinator and Audiovisual Creator (Bulgaria), and in the European Solidarity Corps as a Promoter of European Mobility (France).

His slow traveler lifestyle allows him to gain a strong understanding of the cultural, sociopolitical and economic situation of the countries he settles in, such as Argentina, Brazil, France, Georgia, Portugal and Turkey.

Emerson Mendoza Ayala

Basic information

Emerson Mendoza Ayala
Journalist and Audiovisual Communicator
Travel, Cultural and Environmental Journalism

Supported projects

Thirsty Europe: How Communities Cope with Increasing Droughts

  • Cities
  • Environment

TYROL - As a result of climate change, droughts are on the rise in Europe and local and national governments are preparing for increasingly dry years. 

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