Ebe Daems (°1987) is a freelance journalist writing for Belgian media outlets.

Before starting a career in journalism, she worked in the cultural and social sectors, but then decided it was time to pursue her dream. Ebe focuses mostly on the Middle-East and namely Iran, but recently went to Tanzania for a research project.

Basic information

Ebe Daems
International politics, Middle-East

Supported projects

Development Initiative Pushing Tanzania's Pastorals into Poverty

  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare

Some of the G8's New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition projects aiming to combat hunger and poverty in Africa go directly against the interests of the smallholder farmers they're supposed to benefit.

Identity cards rip apart Palestinian families

  • Armed conflict
  • Social affairs
  • Politics

ISRAEL/PALESTINE - Palestinians better think twice before they marry. Many couples can't live together because their partner has another identity card.