Dorian Cabrol is a french freelance journalist working mainly for local investigative media called Mediacités.

He has been involved in transnational investigative projects between Europe and West Africa supported by the German NGO CiFAR. He worked in Côte d'Ivoire for 3 years for "l'Éléphant Déchaîné", an Ivorian investigative weekly.

Dorian has written articles mainly on the maritime economy in several sectors, such as fishing and shipping in the port of Abidjan. He also worked on the land transport mafia for Vice Magazine. Recently, he took part in an investigation into Perenco's oil ravages in the DRC. 

Dorian Cabrol is a member of EIF.



Dorian Cabrol

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Dorian Cabrol
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Perenco extracting oil and gas in protected areas

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Industry

PARIS - The "Perenco System" international investigation coordinated by the Environmental Investigative Forum (EIF) in partnership with Mediapart, InfoCongo, InfoAmazonia and Convoca documents the systemic ecological impact of Perenco worldwide.

Perenco's black oil in the DRC

  • Environment
  • Exploitation

MALELA - This investigation documents the company's environmental damage in a Mangrove natural park, foremost among which is its ground-level flaring, a practice that has been banned in the country since 2015, and which is the cause of very high CO2 emissions and very significant nuisance for agricultural activities, the main means of subsistence for the populations.