Coco Gubbels is a full-time ad interim Program and Project Manager at VL Consultants BV. Gubbels is aware of the need and the added value of project management in investigative journalism. She has knowledge and experience of both areas and can bring techniques and tools to journalism that is added value in current developments in media. She manages large projects for international corporates like NXP and Rabobank. The experience in cross-border projects and collaborations is mixed with a decade of experience in freelance investigative journalism and a study in Cultural & Corporate Anthropology.

Gubbels facilitates groups of journalists and other experts during their investigative research by picking up the non-journalistic tasks that need to be done in a collaboration. From small groups to cross-border investigative groups with members from all over the world can focus on their journalism in stead of monitoring budgets or talking to stakeholders, adjust planning or set up meetings. “The investigation should be the focus for the journalists”, is her motto, “Mine is to make sure they can.”.

Coco Gubbels is founder of PMIJ, Project Management in Investigative Journalism.

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Coco Gubbels
cross-border collaboratives, project management