Annick Hus (B) is a board member at the Association of Investigative Journalists (VVOJ) and works as freelancer for Verhalenmarkt and various media.

Annick Hus studied journalism, international communication and international investigative journalism. After several jobs in the communication sector, she started working at the Flemish Association of Journalists in 2015.

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Annick Hus
Animal welfare

Supported projects

The Flemish Farm-to-fork strategy

  • Agriculture
  • Environment

BRUSSELS - In 2021, the EU launched the brand-new Farm-to-Fork strategy to make our agriculture more sustainable. Among other things, this strategy aims to ensure that meat production and consumption decreases in member states to reduce the impact on our health and the environment. However, this will not happen without a struggle.

Criminal practices behind the puppy trade

  • Organised crime

Dog has been man's best friend for ages. While he used to work for his owner in the old days, he is spoiled by the whole family today. The changed status, fashion trends and online sales platforms ensure the demand for cute puppies continues to rise. For example, the European dog trade has grown over the past decade into a lucrative business that is almost as profitable as the trade in arms and drugs.