Alexander Abdelilah is a journalist based in the East of France.

Born in Paris, Alexander Abdelilah spent many years working in Germany, exploring the aftermath of the refugee crisis. Now based in the East of France, he focuses on longer investigations about corruption, financial and environmental crimes for French, Luxembourg and German media. Datasets and spreadsheets are his weapons of choice.

In 2014 Alexander got an award from the Franco-German Journalism Prize for writing in the special edition of M Le Magazine du Monde / ZEIT Magazin:« France-Allemagne – Ich Liebe Dich (moi non plus) / Wie sagt man auf Französisch Es ist Liebe?».

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Alexander Abdelilah
Corruption, financial and environmental crimes

Supported projects the dark side of the European bottled water industry

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VOLVIC - An in-depth investigation of the We Report network uncovers the dark side of the bottled water business in Europe, where the market is dominated by multinational companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Danone.