Albertus Vembrianto is a freelance photojournalist and visual storyteller who works mostly on independent projects in Papua, Indonesia.

He began to photograph the issue of Papua in 2009. Since mid-2015 he decided to stay in Papua. He is now working on a photo story independently on the changing landscape of Papuan life. 

His photographic work has been published by international and national media and journals, such as Journal Indonesia, Witness (World Press Photo), The Guardian, Destination Indonesia Magazines, National Geographic Indonesia Magazines, Inside Indonesia, Tabloid Jubi, etc, as well as three publications together with other photographers/writers entitled “Diversity,” Arca” and “Carita Pawitra”.

In 2019, Vembri was chosen as one of the emerging photographers from the Southeast Asia and Oceania region in the 6x6 Global Talent Program initiated by World Press Photo.

Basic information

Albertus Vembrianto
photojournalism and visual storytelling

Supported projects

The Consultant: Why did a palm oil conglomerate pay $22m to an unnamed ‘expert’ in Papua?

  • Corruption
  • Environment

MONAKWARI - This investigation examines a $22 million “consultancy fee” paid by one of the world’s largest palm oil conglomerates, the Korindo Group, in connection with the acquisition of a shell company that held permits to establish an oil palm plantation in Indonesia’s easternmost province of Papua.