Alberique Houndjo is an investigative journalist for Matin Libre and spokesperson of the journalist association of Benin.

He has 12 years of experience in journalism. 

He has extensive knowledge about Benin politics and culture, specifically about the northern region of Benin and has worked for several newspapers in Benin since 2007.

Basic information

Alberique Houndjo
Investigative Journalist
Benin City

Supported projects

I put a spell on you

  • Corruption
  • Culture
  • Economy
  • Organised crime

YAOUNDE -  How witchcraft corrodes the African economy and society -  "Under the guise of witchcraft people are tortured, murdered and development money is wasted. But local governments and international aid organisations remain passive," write Alberique Houndjo (Benin), Chief Bisong Etahoben (Cameroon), Fidelis Mac-Leva (Nigeria), Anneke Verbraeken (The Netherlands).