Adrián Blanco is a data journalist and intern at Washington Post graphics. 

Previously, he worked at the data unit of the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial. He was also running Journocoders in Madrid.

Adrián Blanco is combining two passions – math, expressed with code and journalism at Columbia Journalism School. How? Creating tools to automate journalistic processes, digging into data, analyzing it and creating visual stories to help people to understand the news.

Basic information

Adrián Blanco
Data Journalist
data journalist

Supported projects

The Right To Be Forgotten

  • Human Rights
  • Journalism & Media
  • Justice

Google notifies media and information sites when an article is delinked from its search engine after a Right to be Forgotten request is approved. These notifications can reviewed, collected in a database, deleted or ignored. Which criteria does Google follow to accept or refuse a request?