PODGORICA - The Malta-based Shift News in collaboration with the largest Montenegrin daily DAN launched an investigation into the Sino-Maltese wind farm project in Montenegro underhandedly backed by Montenegro's ruling clique and Azerbaijani businesses present both in Malta and Montenegro.


The Mozura energy project has been marred with scandals since its inception. The original Spanish investor Fersa Energias Renovable pulled the plug after 5 years of indolence being unable to carry out the project amidst mutual accusations of fraud and extortion further exacerbated by a complex web of go-betweens who reportedly acted as channels for bribes and commissions.

The Maltese state owned company Enemalta took over the concession. However, Enemalta conducted the takeover through a murky offshore company which received funds from another hidden company linked to the main suspect for the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. The ownership structure in the project changed several times along with exorbitant amounts of money payed to various people close to the ruling cliques in Malta and Montenegro. What once was heralded as an EU investment ultimately became Chinese-owned project on terms very unfavourable to Montenegrin tax payers who are forced to buy the wind electricity three times the market price. 

Photo image: The web of companies involved in the Mozura wind farm deal

© DAN - Jovo Martinovic

Team members

Caroline Muscat

Caroline Muscat is a Maltese award-winning investigative journalist and the founder of The Shift. 

Caroline Muscat

Jovo Martinovic

Jovo Martinovic is a veteran freelance investigative journalist based in Montenegro, known for his extensive reporting on organized crime in Europe and war criminals in the Balkans. 

Vladimir Otasevic

Vladimir Otasevic is an award-winning investigate journalist in Montenegro. 

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