What are all those E numbers doing in the kitchens of our restaurants? An investigation into molecular gastronomy and the food additives industry in our modernist cuisine.

Propeled by the 'modernist cuisine' of Spanish genius Ferran Adriá, long considered the best chef alive with his restaurant El Bulli, products and techniques were introduced into the Dutch and pan-European cuisine that over time became commonplace. Several of these are a gain for chefs, but others might well not be.

The food industry is obliged to label its products meticulously and uses high tech technology to come to correct low doses. But what about our master chefs? Why can they use the same products in unknown doses without the obligation to inform their guests about them? What are all those E numbers, which Adriá calls 'Texturas', doing in the kitchens of our restaurants?

Journalist Marcel van Silfhout and food expert Jörg Zipprick zoom in on the hitherto unknown financial flows, industrial support and motives behind molecular gastronomy.

Team members

Marcel van Silfhout

Marcel van Silfhout, born in 1968, is an investigative journalist, author, food and railway writer.

Jörg Zipprick

Jörg Zipprick, born in 1965 in Cologne, Germany, has worked as a journalist and author since 1991.

Grant of €9.500, allocated on 05/12/2013


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