CATANIA — Almost 1000 alien marine species, many dangerous and extremely invasive, are spreading quickly across the world’s fastest-warming sea, the Mediterranean.

Species such as the poisonous nomad jellyfish, the highly invasive Atlantic blue crab and the toxic silver-cheeked toadfish can now thrive in the Mediterranean, particularly in hotspots like Sicily and Greece.

These invasive species threaten to wreak havoc on local ecosystems and biodiversity, putting pressure on fisheries and the communities that depend on them.

How governments and communities deal with this problem is a litmus test, highlighting the immense challenges faced as we adapt to a warming world.


Photo: Kate Stanworth

Team members

Ismail Einashe

Ismail Einashe is an award-winning journalist and writer.

Ismail Einashe

Kate Stanworth

Kate Stanworth is an award-winning photographer based in London.

Kate Stanworth

Elli Zotou

Elli Zotou is a Greek journalist based in Athens.

Elli Zotou
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  • If you can't beat 'em, eat them, The Observer, 09/06/2024, p.32


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