The Calabrian mafia ‘Ndrangheta's primary source of money is cocaine. How do they traffic the drug from South America to Europe and Africa leaving virtually no trace?

The first chapter is an investigation into Nicola Assisi, one of the most important cocaine brokers of our time and surely one of the most precious brokers to the ‘Ndrangheta'.

An investigation involving nine countries and twelve journalists, by IRPI and CORRECT!V with the support of Journalismfund.eu's Flanders Connects Continents grant programme.

This project was funded through Journalismfund.eu's Flanders Connects Continents grant programme.

Team members

Cecilia Anesi

Cecilia Anesi (1987) is an Italian journalist and reporter at the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI).

Giulio Rubino

Giulio Rubino (1980) is an Italian journalist.

Hans Gerard Moleman

Hans Gerard Moleman worked as a foreign correspondent for Dutch and Belgian media in Africa and Asia from 1997 till 2012.

Pieter Huyberechts

Pieter Huyberechts is a Belgian journalist working for Flemish daily Het Nieuwsblad.

Grant of €10.000 allocated on 10 February 2016



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