PRAGUE - The series of investigative reports deals with the story of the Czech-Polish conflict about the future of the Turów mine in the border region of both countries, put in a wider historical and social context.

LONDON/BERLIN/COPENHAGEN - Uncover the threats being posed to migrant communities at local levels across the UK, Germany and Denmark due to these countries’ proposed – and illegal – offshore immigration policies, which go against international conventions.

DUBLIN/LONDON - The local authorities of Tower Hamlets in London and Drumcondra/Finglas in Dublin have been rolling out neighbourhood transport schemes to reduce car use and adapt their transport systems to favour greener modes of travel.

PRESPA LAKE - It is considered as even older than the officially oldest lake in Europe, Ohrid Lake, is endangered.

MANILA - “Immunity & Impunity: How Diplomats Get Away with Exploiting Domestic Workers” is a multi-country, multimedia investigative series that examines how diplomats exploit their foreign domestic workers and escape prosecution because of diplomatic immunity. It also reveals the complicity of sending countries in protecting diplomats implicated in domestic trafficking and exploitation.

BUCHAREST - Fidesz, the populist party governing Hungary, and AUR, a far-right party from Romania with a visibly growing follower base have more in common than one would expect.

MONDELLO - Every year millions of European tourists crowd Italy's diverse beaches, visiting ancient seaside towns and bathing in the Mediterranean Sea’s warm, azure waters. But while some enjoy themselves among the colourful parasols and picture-perfect scenery, others are fighting for survival.

The European Union is supporting Albania and North Macedonia in the agricultural sector through the IPARD Programme, with the aim of preparing the countries for membership in the union.

TUNIS - In this story, a team of journalists based in Italy, Tunisia, and Germany highlights how waste gets illegally trafficked to countries with more competitive rates and lower environmental standards through mislabelling, fake documentation, corruption, and taking advantage of control loopholes.

PUNJABI - BELGRADE - India and Serbia have enjoyed visa-on-arrival policy between 2017 and 2023. Investigation revealed a nexus between Indian travel agents who would connect these migrants with donkers (human smugglers) in Serbia, who further helped them cross international borders via countries like Hungary, Romania, North Macedonia, Greece, Spain, and Italy. 

Glencore, the world's largest mining company, faced accusations of human rights, labor, and environmental violations at its annual shareholder meeting in Zug, Switzerland. Activists from around the world gathered to protest the company's practices, which include alleged workplace harassment, anti-union policies, and environmental pollution. 

TBILISI - The electricity generated by at least ninety-four hydropower plants covers 80% of Georgian demand. Still, the ruling party Georgian Dream is pushing for more investment.

SOFIA - Cities across CEE are struggling to build enough affordable homes for their populations.

EU - The war in Ukraine has unveiled a new threat to Europe's security: Russia's deployment of hypersonic missiles. With their unparalleled speed and maneuverability, these missiles pose a significant challenge to traditional defense systems. However, amidst the Ukrainian crisis, European arms manufacturers see an opportunity.

AVARUA - In a remote corner of the Pacific, a Polynesian micro-state is preparing for an industrial plunge into the deep sea. The Cook Islands want to extract billions of metal nodules that are lying there.

BĂILE HERCULANE - A collection of hotels and baths that once made up an Austro-Hungarian thermal waters resort is being destroyed under the harsh weather of its surrounding mountains.

Five journalists from four Balkan countries have worked on the joint theme of climate security risks in the Balkan region

GHEORGHENI - Nine 4-star hotels are being built in the Hungarian part of Romania. The Hungarian government is using public money for this. In total, Hungarian taxpayers have generously subsidised the construction of nine hotels, two of which will be opened in Mures district in the coming days.

EU - Since the February 2022 invasion, Ukraine's five main military partners alone (US, Germany, UK, Poland, and the Netherlands) pledged more than 60 billion euros worth of weapons. Deliveries that punched deep holes in the ammunition stocks of NATO countries. The stockpiles remain empty.

'The Channel: Lost at Sea' will tell the stories of those who have gone missing while making the crossing by small boat from France to the UK.

KYIV - Ukraine is investigating hundreds of firms, many created since Russia’s full-scale invasion scrambled the grain market, for allegedly failing to properly document their trading in Ukrainian grain or to pay taxes on it.

UPPER SILESIA - Mine water from the coal mines of Upper Silesia in Poland due to a Greenpeace report released in March 2023 is considered to be the main source of the salt of the Oder River. The salt in a freshwater river which contributed decisively to the bloom of a toxic algae causing massive fish kill in summer 2022 in Polish and German sections oft he river. How could it have come to this?

They're getting bigger, more luxurious and more intimidating. In recent years, superyachts have become one of the preferred ways for the ultra-rich to flaunt their immense means. Problem: these vessels are also an environmental disaster. 

ROLLE - Who's next? That's the question on everyone's lips. For over three years, not a week has passed without the media reporting a hacking incident. Cyber hackers have never been so powerful. They are everywhere, looking for human error and technical flaws in our hyper-connected world.

IMPERATRIZ - in Brazil, companies with long legacies of environmental destruction and human rights abuses are attracting large amounts of finance from European investors, some of it in the form of green finance - the fastest growing financial sector in the world.

PUGLIA - From the role of organised crime to the failings of national and European institutional oversight, this investigation on the ground raises awareness regarding the main players of the agricultural market.

EU - Hundreds of thousands of evictions and people enchained to debt, while financial actors in tax havens as well as EU countries profit from a system that originally was created to stabilize banks. This is the result of an official EU policy on so called non-performing loans, that was adopted as a response to the global financial crisis.

NIAMEY - This cross-border investigation focuses on the impact of the Anti-smuggling-Law 036-2015, introduced in Niger in response to the so-called “European refugee crisis.” 

ANTWERP - In the summer of 2022, 174 Filipino, Turkish and Bangladeshi workers were discovered to be working illegally at Antwerp port in Belgium. It was the biggest number of modern slaves discovered in the country. Newspapers called it an ‘unprecedented case.’ This story looks at the ordeal of exploited workers, the routes of trafficking between Asia into Belgium which many have fallen victim to. 

GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN - The Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain, is home to three of the five glaciers within the country. At least it was.

ROTTERDAM/ANTWERP - What is the environmental and health impact of air pollution caused by the (petro)chemical industry in the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam?

EU - Forced sterilisation of women with disabilities is criminalised in only nine EU countries. This investigation in Spain, France, Hungary and Sweden proves that the eugenics-based practice is still going on in Europe at a time when the European Parliament is debating its outlawing.  

MADRID - Amazon boasts about having 15 photovoltaic solar plants in Spain to supply energy to its workplaces.

BRUSSELS - A team of reporters have investigated the impact of the first-ever application of the Temporary Protection Directive (TPD) by the EU to Ukrainian refugees.

KYIV - "Spektr.Press" presents a Project 'Private War', which is combined of a series of publications about foreigners who decided to participate in the military conflict in Ukraine.

KYIV - Ukraine's war against Russia strengthens Ukrainian national identity and reduces the influence of Russian language and culture in society.

AMSTERDAM - There is an invisible workforce keeping homes in the Netherlands spotless. Filipino cleaners run about Dutch cities each day, their packs filled with dozens of jingling keys. They are part of a community of thousands of undocumented migrants who clean homes in the Netherlands. They're indispensable but kept unseen.

TOUVRE (IVORY COAST) - There is an increased demand for minerals such as cobalt, nickel and lithium. These minerals are used to make electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones and electric vehicles - technologies which are deemed essential to the 'green transition'. However, the increase in demand has led to new pressures for communities around the world that live alongside these minerals.

GOUDA/VENICE - Sinking Cities is a long-term multimedia project exploring what it means to live in sinking cities.

ROME/BUCHAREST - With the EU set to boost organic farmland, how can it maintain consumer confidence in an agricultural sector tainted by fraud? 

AMSTERDAM - Shell knows the ways to the highest circles as well as the shortcuts through the political swamps. The oil and gas giant operates in 70 countries. Most are not democratic constitutional states. Shell - until recently Royal Dutch Shell - has to deal daily with weak or autocratic governments, corruption, unrest, war and terrorism. How does it navigate through these?

ISTANBUL/BELGRADE - This investigation uncovers that young Turkish citizens are increasingly using the Balkan route as a transit point to enter the EU illegally. The growing trend is due to crumbling purchasing power, high unemployment, and tense political environment in the country.

EUROPE - Schools are crucial integration hubs. This investigation is about teaching migrant students in the schools of Europe.

BUDAPEST - In our articles, we were able to map the institutional background of how the sexual violence committed against a 15-year-old former foster child was covered up at a church-run institution.

As European citizens, we are told to separate our household waste, and many of us do dutifully. The ketchup bottle you rinsed and threw in the right bin at home might disappear from your life with the local waste truck.

ACCRA - This investigation puts the spotlight on the use of banned pesticides from Europe in rubber farms in Ghana and other regions across the world, while European development banks, the main funder of such projects turn a blind eye to the environmental, health and safety concerns.

ERBIL/ISTANBUL/ATHENS - The complexity and dangers along migration routes to Europe —including the risk of being swindled by traffickers or robbed by security forces—, have increased the role of an informal banking system that works through “hawala”, a traditional money transfer system based on interpersonal trust

BRUSSELS- What prevents a woman with FGM from going to the doctor? While there are more and more survivors of female genital mutilation (FGM) living in Belgium, strikingly very few visit the healthcare centres for women with FGM in the country. Through an in-depth investigation, this project aims to better understand the reasons and meanings of this discrepancy as well as it brings the needs and experiences of these women to the centre of the conversation. 

BASRA - In Iraq, one of the world’s driest and poorest countries, Western oil companies are exacerbating water shortages as they make record profits exporting alternatives to Russian oil in the wake of the war in Ukraine.

SARAJEVO - Around half of Bosnia-Herzegovina is covered by forests and wood is one of the Balkan country’s most valuable natural resources. But instead of developing the nation, some politicians and private companies enrich themselves with the profits of the ‘green gold’. Forests are cut down for private interests and governments and companies in Western-Europe close their eyes to gain cheap wood. 

TUZLA - According to studies, the 18 coal power plants in the Western Balkans (WB) are responsible for more pollution than the 221 coal power plants still active in the European Union.

MINSK - Belarusian goods are attacking Europe despite the bans of Brussels.

KYIV - Surrogacy is a growing business worldwide. 

BARCELONA/COTTBUS/ASSEN - Climate terrorism, rebellion, radicalization: increasingly violent words are being thrown around in the debate on climate activism.

YEREVAN - Since 2017, nearly 100 Armenian citizens have served as proxy directors for a network of companies that have been used by prominent Eastern European oligarchs to move millions of dollars, shift assets from shuttered banks abroad, and pay for lobbying services in the United States.

KIGALI - A research in Rwanda shows that "CO2 compensation projects" are often unverifiable, the ecological added value is more than questionable, and climate (in)justice is not just a political fighting term, but a life-threatening reality in East Africa.

RIGA - From Trams through Pharmaceuticals to Renewable Energy: Czech millionaire Tomáš Krsek is a well-known investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with a known fortune of €436 million (2021). 

BRUSSELS - How Nigerian girls are forced into Belgian prostitution. In 2018, 21-year-old Eunice Osayande is murdered on the streets of Brussels. The Nigerian woman was smuggled into Belgium with the false promise of becoming a hairdresser here and having a better life than in Nigeria.

CAIRO/TUNIS - Despite sanctions on the late Arab dictators Hosni Mubarak and Zine el-Abdine Ben Ali, their clans and allies still own French property worth millions, casting doubts on the effectiveness of these sanctions. Recovering Egypt’s and Tunisia’s stolen wealth remains elusive.

FOS-SUR-MER - The world’s steel leader ArcelorMittal has exceeded several pollution limits authorized by European, Italian and French law for a decade. Meanwhile, the multinationale headquartered in Luxembourg has received billions euros of public funds and indirect subsidies.

LAZIO - The team has been investigating The Green Gold of Italy, or Kiwi Revolution as it is known locally, since April 2022. The Lazio region of Italy has become the world's largest producer of kiwis in the past years. But glitter doesn't always mean gold.

BRUSSEL - These women weren’t leading  the same battles, walking in the same streets or speaking in the same forums. Yet they were all victims of the same crime:  political feminicide.

PRIKRO The presence of SIAT, a Belgian company specialised in palm oil and rubber production, in Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria, comes with a significant socio-economic and environmental cost for the local communities. With the support of the national governments, the company is causing social division, food scarcity and restlessness. The locals are fighting back, reclaiming their lands both at the national and international levels.

EUROPE - More than 17.000 sites all over Europe are contaminated by the “forever chemical” PFAS, an exclusive, monthslong investigation from 18 European newsrooms shows. The investigation “The Forever Pollution Project” reveals an additional 22.000 presumptive contamination sites due to current or past industrial activity. The contamination revealed by this project spreads all over Europe.

KERKENNAH ISLANDS - In Tunisia, artisanal fishers are facing depleted fish stocks as a result of illegal bottom trawling.

KHARKIV/TBILISI - Journalists in Ukraine and Georgia investigated the issue of the construction of large cities and found corruption points and schemes used by officials and developers. 

TBILISI - The project investigates the patterns of forming Russian propaganda messages and their dissemination in Georgian and Moldovan churches based on human sources and stories.

GUINEA/SERBIA/THE NETHERLANDS - According to Europol, the smuggling of songbirds and other tropical birds to the European Union (EU) has skyrocketed in recent years, especially along the Balkans trafficking route.

ACCRA - ABUJA - The Dark Side of European Used Cars and Parts Trade in West Africa (Ghana and Nigeria)

United Kingdom - With islands across Europe having experienced years of population decline, many now face an uncertain future.

RIGA - Belarusian businessman Aliaksandr Shakutsin (Aleksandr Shakutin) was sanctioned two years ago for benefiting from and supporting the regime of Aliaksandr Lukashenka.

OYO - The Danish government's Danida Market Development Partnerships (DMDP) disbursed DKK 9 million to its Canadian partner Mennonite Economic Development Association (MEDA) in 2019 for a 4-year project to support Nigerian women shea collectors, but the project was terminated before the predetermined four years. The team looked into the project's effects and the reasons behind its abrupt termination in 2020.

KENYA/CAMEROON - An investigation has established that Chemical Pesticides that are already banned within European Union markets are still used in Kenya and Cameroon Markets.

ROME - An investigation for Byline Times by the Citizens and il Fatto Quotidiano can exclusively reveal how a Catholic charity is being run by a former National Front member who has promoted a number of conspiracy theories and fundraised for a far-right Italian politician who was arrested and imprisoned for his part in violence which erupted at anti-Green Pass protests in 2021.

PALERMO – The Italian market for sushi has surged over the last decade and is now one of its most popular foreign cuisines. Sicily – which like many regions of Italy is fiercely proud of its regional food culture – has nevertheless seen a recent food revolution with sushi restaurants and poke bowl joints appearing across its cities, helped along by the lockdown surge in delivery culture, and the popularity of apps such as Glovo, UberEats and Deliveroo. 

LONDON - A highly-produced three-part, narrative podcast, it follows the dirty trail of British waste from dustbins in England and exposes a British system creaking under the weight of hundreds of millions of tonnes of waste - with illegal dumping happening with impunity both at home and abroad. 

DUBLIN - Recruited to Ireland with the promise of good wages, fishers from the Philippines - often in debt after paying illegal recruitment fees - travel across the world to provide better opportunities for themselves and their families. But a work permission scheme, introduced following exposure of trafficking and exploitation of undocumented workers in the sector, has now become a vehicle to exploit the same workers it was introduced to protect, according to workers' advocates. 

Two articles, one story - noise pollution in Western Balkans. Although constantly underestimated, this pollution is disturbing citizens of the region’s capitals on a daily basis. Unfortunately, noise has become a habit, which is precisely what should not happen.

BRATISLAVA - A couple from Slovakia imported hundreds of frogs from Central America to the EU, completely legally. However, the woman was later apprehended in Germany, where police seized over 100 frogs from her. Some of them of the kind which was never in history imported to Europe legally. Turns out, her husband is a well known person for conservationists in Panama, and for all the wrong reasons.

Asbestos is more lethal than previously known. New figures, recognized by EU-institutions show that 70 000 – 90 000 Europeans die of asbestos related cancer each year.

CAMPOBELLO DI MAZARA –  Bearing the brunt of deadly heat waves and extreme weather, migrant farm workers in Italy and Spain are on the frontline of Europe’s climate emergency. While the media has focused on the impact of rising temperatures on European citizens, hundreds of thousands of migrant labourers in Italy and Spain toil away in 45°C temperatures picking olives, harvesting tomatoes, planting seeds, and irrigating crops. 

RJIM MAATOUG - Importing the Saharan sun to supply Europe with clean and low-cost energy : this is the dream that European countries have been entertaining with certain players in the private energy sector for decades. Once buried, projects to export solar energy from the North African deserts to European shores are now resurfacing. 

MALELA - This investigation documents the company's environmental damage in a Mangrove natural park, foremost among which is its ground-level flaring, a practice that has been banned in the country since 2015, and which is the cause of very high CO2 emissions and very significant nuisance for agricultural activities, the main means of subsistence for the populations. 


WORLD - Cereal is the new petroleum, farmland the new reservoirs of oil, and ships loaded with grain are the new pipelines. As the value of crops increases, every country in possession of this resource is in a position of power, and its transport to market is a politically-charged operation.

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