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You apply - and then?

Applicants file the application online. Here's how:

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you within a week after the deadline.

Journalismfund.eu crosschecks whether all documents and necessary information is there. This usually takes one week. 

The jury members then start reading and evaluating the applications. This takes one week or more depending on the number of applications. Once the jury members are ready they meet in a skype conference and make the final decision.  Journalismfund.eu then informs the applicants about the decision of the jury. 

Applicants who get a research grant sign a contract with Journalismfund.eu about expected publication date, payments etc - see document attached. 

Applicants report back to Journalismfund.eu on the state of the research regularly.

Shortly prior to research applicants and Journalismfund.eu talk about how to best promote a given story broadly and beyond the initial publications. 

After publication applicants are invited to participate in conferences to network and to share their experiences and method with other journalists.