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Working Grants - Thematical

Working grant - CC — The Ematum Deal in Mozambique

How much of the $850 million budget that the publicly-privately owned Mozambican company Ematum had to purchase a fishing fleet actually went to military hardware? 


Working grant - Skype Villages in Ukraine

Imagine a little town in rural Ukraine, with potholed roads, decayed public buildings, ill-looking gas pipes. And its broadband Internet. A few years ago, broadband Internet brought a second life to families in villages like that.


Working grant - The E-Cigarette Lobby

The e-cigarette is a new, controversial and booming device. Manufacturers are racing to become the biggest in the market. What is the truth behind the device, and why is the tobacco industry looming to take over? An investigation into the politics, lobbying strategies and profits behind the e-cigarette.


Working grant - The Right To Be Forgotten

Google notifies media and information sites when an article is delinked from its search engine after a Right to be Forgotten request is approved. These notifications can reviewed, collected in a database, deleted or ignored. Which criteria does Google follow to accept or refuse a request?


Working grant - This is how Hungary’s ‘independent’ news media is being tampered with

"We lost our media”, stated Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán in a rare interview in early 2015. He was referring to the media empire of a longtime ally-turned-enemy.