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Working Grants - Alphabetical

Ebe Daems


Ebe Daems (°1987) is a freelance journalist writing for Belgian media outlets. Before starting a career in journalism, she worked in the cultural and social sectors, but then decided it was time to pursue her dream. Ebe focuses mostly on the Middle-East and namely Iran, but recently went to Tanzania for a research project.


Elien Spillebeen


Elien Spillebeen is a Belgian journalist and researcher. She studied international politics.


Elisabetta Tola

©Elisabetta Toia

Elisabetta Tola is a journalist and science communicator. She lectures data journalism, science communication and multimedia at the Masters in Science Communication at Sissa, Trieste, and other journalism schools.


Ellen Debackere


Ellen Debackere (1989) studied History at Brussels University and journalism in Antwerp. Since 2011 she has been affiliated with the Centre for Municipal History of the University of Antwerp and with HOST of the University of Brussels. In 2016 she earned a PhD with her thesis on the immigration policy in 19th century Antwerp.


Emma Lesuis


Emma Lesuis is a freelance documentary maker who is based in Amsterdam and works both in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Emma Rippon


Emma Rippon is a British journalist.


Eric Breitinger


Eric Breitinger is a Senior Editor of Saldo (Zürich), a bi-weekly Swiss magazine. He specialises in investigations into the health system, big pharma, consumer topics and environmental issues.


Esad Hećimović


Esad Hećimović is a Bosnian journalist.


Esperana Escribano

Esperanza Escribano (1988) is a freelance journalist based in Barcelona. She has worked for several media organisations such as El País and Público and is now a producer for the BBC in Spain.

Eveline Lubbers


Eveline Lubbers PhD is an independent investigator and one of the founders of the Undercover Research Group and Spinwatch. She is the author of Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark, Corporate and Police spying on Activists (Pluto, 2012) and the initiator & contributing editor of Battling Big Business: Countering Greenwash, Front Groups and Other Forms of Corporate Bullying (2002).