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Working Grants - Alphabetical

David Schraven


David Schraven is a German journalist.


David Tarazona

David Tarazona

David Tarazona is a Colombian investigative and data journalist. Before joining the EIB investigation team, David did a Master with Specialization in Data Journalism at Tilburg University and an internship at OneWorld data journalism team in Amsterdam. In Colombia he published multiple stories with Noticias Uno, the main investigative journalism TV show. David covers human rights, transparency and politicians’ accountability. 


Davide Mancino


Davide Mancino is an Italian journalist.


Delphine Reuter

Delphine Reuter is a Belgian freelance journalist, based in Brussels. A graduate from IHECS and Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, she has led and taken part in cross-border investigative projects related to financial crime, environmental crime, migration, etc. She teaches about reporting methods at IHECS and coordinates journalism trainings for professionals.

Delphine Reuter


Delphine Reuter is a Belgian freelance journalist. She coordinates journalism trainings at IHECS Academy, a nonprofit center based in Brussels and a member of the Global Investigative Journalism Network. Reuter has been with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) since 2013 and has worked on the Luxleaks, Swissleaks, Evicted & Abandoned, and Fatal Extraction projects.


Dimitra Triantafyllou


Dimitra Triantafyllou is a journalist specialised in reportages and stories on social issues, motherhood and public health. She has worked as a stuffer for the biggest free news platform of Greece (Athens Voice), various other news outlets and well-known Greek weekly magazines, writing pieces from all different fields of journalism.


Dimitri Tokmetzis


Dimitri Tokmetzis is a journalist at De Correspondent. Together with twenty-one other journalists from eleven European countries, he investigated the European security sector. The result was a big scale journalismfund supported project dubbed 'Security for Sale'. 


Dino Trescher


Dino Trescher is a German journalist.


Doru Cobuz


Doru Cobuz is a Romanian journalist.


Dražen Simić


Dražen Simić is a Bosnian journalist. He works freelance and is specialised in economics, business and finance, as well as corruption in companies and governments.