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Working Grants - Alphabetical

Anders Pedersen


Anders Pedersen is a Danish journalist.


Andrea Nelson Mauro


Andrea Nelson Mauro is an Italian journalist based in Bologna. He works as a freelance journalist and web developer, co-founded DataNinja and is a member of Spaghetti Open Data.


Andrei Mocanca


Andrei Mocanca is a game designer and web developer who enjoys building interesting, interactive experiences.


Andrés Aguayo

Andrés Aguayo

Andrés Aguayo is a Mexican-Italian journalist.


Ángel Varela Pena


Ángel Varela Pena is a Spain-based journalist and campaign manager, who combines his work as a freelance reporter at BBC, Euronews, RTVE, with his roles as Campaign Manager of Niunpezporlaborda.org and Communications Manager of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in Spain & Portugal.


Annemieke Hendriks


Annemieke Hendriks is a Dutch journalist.


Annika Joeres


Annika Joeres (1978) is a German journalist.


Antonio Villarreal


Antonio Villarreal is a Spanish journalist.


Arthur Debruyne


Arthur Debruyne is Belgian independent journalist based in Mexico City. He covers events in the region for Belgian, Dutch and American media, focusing on human rights issues, conflict and development.