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Objective: European Investigative Journalism

Political decisions are made across borders. Business and trade go across borders. Criminals establish networks to run their activities in various countries. If journalists want to match this power, cross-border cooperation is one of the tools. For research as well as for publication. 

Journalismfund.eu supports teams of journalists from several countries working out of each their country on a common story thus compiling multiple research competences and safeguarding publication to various audiences. Journalismfund.eu occasionally supports individual journalists working on European stories. Publication to multiple audiences and in several countries is considered important in order to address the various European audiences and achieve impact for the journalistic stories. 

The support takes the form of grants to teams of journalists. They must demonstrate that their project is unusually costly or time-consuming in such a way that the normal support of editors or publishers is not sufficient for the project to be realised. The projects must exceed regular reporting, daily journalism or correspondence. The subject or theme must be European or have a cross-border perspective.