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Global Investigative Journalism Networks

Since 2001 Global Investigative Journalism Conferences GIJC have taken place. In 2003 the Global Investigative Journalism Network was formed. It consists of organisations and pre-organisations, each organisation has one vote, representatives meet at the GIJCs, in between conferences a voluntary committee oversees activities and preparations for the next conference. 

The most important means of communication is the Global Mailing List.

2001 - Copenhagen / Denmark - initiated by Nils Mulvad and Brant Houston with the Danish Association for Investigative Journalism and the US Investigative Reporters and Editors

2003 - Copenhagen / Denmark - same organisors as above

2005 - Amsterdam / the Netherlands - organised by the VVOJ

2007 - Toronto / Canada - organised by the Canadian Association of Journalists.  

2008 - Lillehammer / Norway - organised by SKUP.

2010 - Geneva / Switzerland - organised by Swissinvestigation

2011 - Kiev / Ukraine - organised by Scoop

2013 - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil - organised by ABRAJ 


Other global networks and / or publishers are for example the ICIJ or 100reporters.org.