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Event - !F LAB: Training in interactive factual storytelling

!F LAB: Training in interactive factual storytelling
!F Lab is seeking professionals worldwide from the fields of journalism, (documentary) filmmaking, photography, art, coding, design, creative media, etc. for their training in interactive digital storytelling. Deadline for applications is 21 February. The training lasts about 5 months with two 'live' moments of each 5 days (the so-called boosters).

Interested in interactive digital storytelling?

!F Lab is committed to train the next influential generation of journalists, (documentary) filmmakers, photographers, coders, graphic designers, storytellers, international correspondents, creative media professionals, etc. and support them to produce their interactive digital stories.


Based on our unique methodology, !F LAB guides ambitious and creative professionals in the development of their digital interactive factual project through the STORY BOOSTER (during which you develop your concept and interactive design) and the PROTOTYPE BOOSTER (during which you build the actual prototype). Professional coaches will be there to guide and inspire you during, in between and after the two 5-day boosters.


Story Booster: 8 - 12 May, Riga (Latvia), @Story Hub
Prototype Booster: 1 - 5 July, Ghent (Belgium), @Artevelde


No previous experience in i-docs or interactive factual storytelling is needed.
Participation fee: 1100€ for the 1st participant; 750€ for every second participant
REGISTER NOW! Deadline is 21 February: www.iflab.net